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“Psychology textbooks of future generations will look back on modern psychologists working without the aid of astrology as being like medieval astronomers working without the aid of a telescope.”

—Richard Tarnas


Education for Transformation


“A combination of deep experiential therapy with archetypal psychology and transit astrology  is the most promising strategy for the future development of psychiatry and depth psychology.”

—Stanislav Grof



Archetypal Astrology and Archetypal Cosmology



Foundational Modules


This series of intensive workshops provides a unique opportunity to explore the role of archetypal patterns and dynamics in your life and the world at large using archetypal astrology. With an in-depth focus on the transformative archetypes associated with the outer planets, the course combines readings, lectures, multimedia examples from the arts, technical instruction on working with astrological charts, and group discussions.



The first four residential intensives introduce students to the fundamentals of archetypal astrology as a guide to understanding the deeper dynamics and archetypal patterns of human experience.


The four residential modules are:


     1. Mortality, Maturation, and Wisdom: The Archetypal Saturn


     2. The Archetypal Neptune: Myth and Dream, Transcendence and Dissolution


     3. The Plutonic Underworld: Power Drives, Instinctual Compulsion, and Transformation


     4. Births and Breakthroughs, Freedom and Awakening: The Revolutions of Uranus



Specialized Modules


Applying and extending the focus of the foundational modules, the specialized modules are designed for those wishing to gain a comprehensive understanding of both the practice of archetypal astrology and the cosmology or worldview in which archetypal astrology might be understood. Special topics examine the lives of significant cultural figures through their birth charts; historical cycles using world transit analysis; the intersection of archetypal cosmology, transpersonal psychology, and the new paradigm sciences; and the application of archetypal astrology to individuation, the hero’s journey, and psychotherapy.


Proposed modules include


      Pioneers of the Spirit/Contemporary Mythmakers: An Archetypal Perspective


      The Metamorphosis of the Gods: The Neptune-Pluto Cycle


      Archetypal Astrology, Psychotherapy, and Counselling


      Cosmology and Evolution




Students in this program will become familiar with the fundamental principles and methods of archetypal astrology, focusing especially on birth-chart analysis and transit analysis to understand the archetypal patterns and themes finding expression at specific moments in time. The modules focus especially on a detailed examination of the transformative archetypes associated with the four outer planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Exploring a selection of illustrative of examples from the arts and culture, participants will develop an understanding of how these archetypes manifest in human experience, both individual and collective, including in their own lives. Students will complete the certificate program with a living sense of the power of archetypal astrology to illuminate human experience and to serve as a guide to psychological transformation.



This course is intended for:


(a) individuals wishing to apply use archetypal astrology as a guide to their own individuation and spiritual journeys, or alongside Holotropic Breathwork and inner self-exploration.


(b) therapists wishing to use archetypal astrology in their practice to illuminate the deeper dynamics of the psyche.  


(c) those already familiar with astrology, wishing to become initiated into an archetypal approach to understanding and working with its principles and applications.


(d) anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the relationship between human experience and the structural order of the universe, as revealed in the geometric alignments of the planets in our solar system.


(e) anyone seeking to better understand the patterns and dynamics of individual biography, cultural history, and to develop an archetypal appreciation of the arts.



Residential Modules

Modules are offered up to four times throughout the year, with each module running from Friday evening through Sunday lunch (approximately 14 hours class time in total). Each residential will comprise lectures and presentations on psychological theory and explore illustrative examples of the expression of archetypes in art, culture, psychology, and more. Modules also include detailed technical instruction on the methods used in archetypal astrology, personal reflection, and group discussion. The daily schedule will be approximately as follows:


Friday  7pm:  Informal gathering and discussion          Saturday 9am – 6:00pm Lecture/multimedia presentation          Sunday 8:30 am – 1pm Lecture, discussion, and closing circle.


Each module is comprised of the following components:


       lectures on theoretical perspectives and the specific astrological archetypes


       multimedia examples (film clips, music) of archetypal astrological correlations


       technical instruction on the calculation and interpretation of birth charts and transits


       working with one’s own birth chart


       group discussion and sharing of reflections on astrological archetypes in one’s life


       list of recommended reading and films to watch



For details on forthcoming residential modules, see here.



The workshops will be led by two or more of the core faculty, augmented by specialist adjunct faculty and guest speakers, as needed.



Initially, all modules in this program will take place at locations in New York City, at the Open Center in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, or at other venues to be determined. For modules taking place in Manhattan, attendees are responsible for securing their own accommodation (please see list of recommended hotels here) and will be able to purchase meals at nearby food outlets.


Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a sincere commitment to psychological exploration and transformation. There are no formal educational requirements for admission, but applicants should be prepare to engage with complex ideas and be willing to do recommended readings in advance of the residential sessions.



Fee schedules vary according to the length, location, and content of the modules. See module details and registration details here.


Early bird discounts are offered for each module.


Course of Study and Graduation Requirements

Students may select individual modules according to their needs and interests. For those students taking multiple modules, certificate and diplomas are available, based on the following criteria.


To receive the certificate, students must complete four (approximately 14-hour) residential intensives or equivalent.


To receive the diploma, students must complete twelve modules. Students who have already completed the certificate will therefore have to take a further eight modules to complete the diploma.


We plan to offer both programs—Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Studies, and Archetypal Astrology and Archetypal Cosmology—in locations close to both London and New York by 2018-19. Students are at liberty to take residential classes in either location and in either program.


To qualify for the Certificate in Archetypal Astrology, students must take three out of four modules from the Archetypal Astrology and Archetypal Cosmology course offerings.


To qualify for the Diploma in Archetypal Cosmology, students must take eight out of twelve modules from the Archetypal Astrology and Archetypal Cosmology course offerings. Thus, students may take up to four modules from the Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Studies course offerings.


The programs of study can be completed over any timescale to suit student needs. For example, the four modules for the certificate can be completed in one year or spread out over two or three years, according to the student’s own schedule.



Register for forthcoming modules here.



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“The same organizing forces that have shaped nature in all her forms are also responsible

for the structure of our minds.”

—Werner Heisenberg


There are many instances of striking analogies between astrological constellations and

psychological events or between the horoscope and the characterological disposition. . . .

Astrology, like the collective unconscious  with which psychology is concerned, consists of

symbolic configurations: the ‘planets’ are the gods, symbols of the powers of the unconscious.”

—C. G. Jung









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