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Transpersonal Psychology and

Archetypal Studies




Foundational Study


Working with expert practitioners and teachers in a supportive community of like-minded individuals, these residential modules enable you to explore and experience fundamental approaches to transpersonal states of consciousness, psychological transformation, and archetypes, combining theory and the powerful experiential practice of Holotropic Breathwork, among other approaches. Attendees of the residential intensives will become familiar with core ideas in the work of C. G. Jung and Stanislav Grof, providing insight into the core transformative process of psychological death-rebirth, numinous experiences, and non-ordinary states of consciousness.




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Education for Transformation




Choose from modules in two subject areas


Attend at any ITAS location in

the U.S. or the U.K.


Complete four modules or equivalent to apply for a certificate


Complete twelve modules or equivalent to apply for an advanced diploma


Study archetypal astrology online using VoiceThread technology






Archetypal Astrology and

Archetypal Cosmology




Foundational Study


This series of intensive workshops provides a unique opportunity to explore the role of archetypal patterns and dynamics in your personal experience and in the world at large using archetypal astrology. With an in-depth focus on the transformative archetypes associated with the outer planets, the course combines readings, lectures, multimedia examples from the arts, technical instruction on working with astrological charts, and group discussions. It provides an introduction to the field for those wishing to use archetypal astrology to illuminate their life experience or as an adjunct to an established therapeutic practice.

Specialized Study


Incorporating and building on the above foundational modules, the specialized workshops cover multiple perspectives and methods pertaining to transpersonal experiences, psychological transformation, rebirth and growth. In a safe and integrative setting, participants will study different transpersonal perspectives during each module, and deepen into experiential practice in non-ordinary states of consciousness, such as Holotropic Breathwork and shamanic methods,  integrating their insights and experiences to facilitate deep and lasting psychological change.

Online Program in Archetypal Astrology


Access a series of 40 one-hour lectures, recorded by Keiron Le Grice, offering a comprehensive introduction to archetypal astrology and archetypal cosmology. The lectures are powered by VoiceThread technology, making use of slides of images and charts, coupled with narration and lecture. They cover a wide range of topics: the meanings of the planetary archetypes; interpreting planetary alignments/aspects; history and astronomy; and philosophical and psychological concepts. A significant portion of the course focuses on the exploration of archetypal themes associated with the major planetary alignments.


Specialized Study


Building on the foundational modules in archetypal astrology, the more advanced specialized modules are designed for those wishing to gain a comprehensive understanding of both the practice of archetypal astrology and the cosmology or worldview in which archetypal astrology might be understood. Special topics examine the lives of significant cultural figures through their birth charts; historical cycles using world transit analysis; the intersection of archetypal cosmology, transpersonal psychology, and the new paradigm sciences; and, the application of archetypal astrology to individuation, the hero’s journey, and psychotherapy.



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