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1.       The Institute of Transpersonal and Archetypal Studies (ITAS) reserves the right to cancel or reschedule course offerings if enrollment is insufficient to provide the basis for a worthwhile educational experience in the judgment of ITAS and/or to cover the costs of the event. If an event is canceled, enrolled students who have provided deposits or full payment will receive full refunds of the amount paid with the option of applying prepaid fees to another ITAS event.

2.       ITAS events involving Holotropic Breathworkô (HB) will require HB participants to answer a questionnaire and potential follow-up questions regarding medical conditions that may make participation in HB contra-indicated or may warrant special recommendations or instructions to the participant. In some rare instances, an HB participant may be required to provide an appropriate health care providerís note indicating that in the judgment of that health care provider the participant may safely participate in Holotropic Breathwork. Although HB facilitators will make an effort to discover health care conditions that may impact HB work and to offer suggestions for safely working with any such conditions, ITAS recommends that HB participants consult their health care providers about the advisability of participating in HB.Participants engage in HB based on their own decision and risk and ITAS does not guarantee the physical or psychological well-being of participants.

3.       ITAS events (whether or not including Holotropic Breathwork or other experiential exercises) may be experienced by some participants as therapeutic but are provided solely as educational experiences and do not constitute therapy or the provision of mental or physical health care services of any kind.

4.       Participants in ITAS events represent that they have considered on their own and, if appropriate, discussed with their therapist, physician, counselor, or other health care provider whether their current or anticipated emotional or physical state will support exploration of the topics covered in any ITAS event and/or participation in experiential exercises that may be included in the event. Enrollment and attendance at any ITAS event represents the affirmation of the belief of participants that their engagement with the topic and experiences of the event is safe and prudent in light of their emotional and physical status.

5.       While providing educational, community, and self-exploration experiences through trained educators and facilitators, ITAS is not presently accredited by any educational accrediting body in any jurisdiction. ITAS maintains alliances with other like-minded groups and institutions but is not institutionally or legally affiliated with any other organization.

6.       Events in the United States are organized, managed, and staffed by educators, facilitators, and administrators who are United States citizens or legal residents. Events in the United Kingdom are organized, managed, and staffed by educators, facilitators and administrators with legal status to work in the United Kingdom. Legal entities or associations doing business as ITAS-USA or ITAS-UK maintain separate status for compliance with laws of each jurisdiction.

7.       Citizens or residents of any country with appropriate passport and visa (if necessary) are welcome in any ITAS event regardless of location.


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Terms & Conditions



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